The exhibition "Passato e Presente" at the Palazzo della Bonifica Pontina in Terracina features the artwork of Mona K.Lalim, Marian Heyerdahl e Ole Lislerud .

The tree Norwegian artists are investigating each in their own original way the concept of time, through a dialogue with past and present in the space of the Museum Palazzo della Bonifica that embrace different centuries.

The Italian art critic Lorella Scacco has written the catalogue text attached below.

The context of the exhibition in the Palazzo is based on the interpretation of the term - "Past and present" - and how you can create a dialogue and a new understanding. Looking at history with the benefit of hindsight, we can see how life and the events are repeated.

Mona K. Lalim is working with architectual spaces, where traces of multiple layers of paint,historical fragmnets and antique frescos are recostructed into a very personal representations of these spaces.
Marian Heyerdahl is also drawing her inspiration from the art of antique civilisations. She has always been interested in portraying the temporal passage of human exsistence through sculpture and installations of art, that represent the theme of fertility and birth,life and death.
Ole Lislerud signifies the close relationship between religion and politics in general and at any time, soliciting the viewers thoughts and commenst in his artwork.

The artists have previously exhibited thematically commenting on similar issues. Based on these experiences they have a basis and starting point for developing this specific contemporary art project. The artists' work with various techniques and materials, which span from three-dimensional objects, installations, sculptures, ready-mades, drawings, painting and graphics.
They have all exhibited extensively internationally and produced art projects in Norway, USA, Canada, Turkey, Greece, Japan, South Korea, Ghana, China and Italy.

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